15 Minutes of Fame?

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edge_bigThe Yorkshire Bears have been approached by the BBC who are looking for contestants to take part in a new gameshow called ‘The Edge’, which is all about ‘skill, judgement, brains and balls’. We reckon all you bears have those attributes by the bucketload, so if you fancy applying then get in touch with them at this address for an application form: TheEdge@bbc.co.uk.

The game format is as follows:

“Contestants must answer general knowledge questions to earn the right to bowl a ball down a custom built alley. If your ball lands in a winning zone you can bank the cash, but if you roll off The Edge of the lane, you’ll win nothing.”

Sounds like we can get a bit of practice in at our forthcoming bowling night, although we’re not sure whether you’ll be able to drink on set!  They’re calling for those with a competitive spirit, over the age of 18, and applications are subject to the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines and terms and conditions.