2016 Discount Cards and Limited Edition T-Shirts

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bearnidorm-red-whiteWe’re pleased to announce that the Yorkshire Bears 2016 Discount Cards are now on sale from the online shop, with free postage, so if you’re planning on attending our Valentine’s Ball, or any of our other club nights this year, and you like a cheap pint or two, then click on the link and get yourself one of the cards.  All the money goes to the continued running costs of Yorkshire Bears – the complimentary food and drink we dish out at various events, the banners for Leeds Pride, the Christmas presents and all the other stuff that goes into making our events special.  We’ve also got some swanky t-shirts to pre-order ahead of our Easter Bearnidorm fiesta at a reduced price thanks to a New Year’s offer from our supplier, and with a whole rainbow of colours to choose from, so if you’re coming along with us (or even if you aren’t) then get your preferred colour and size ordered now.  There’s over 50 of us booked for the trip now, so check out the event if you want to come along and get a bit of sun on your fur.  Big hugs, the Yorkshire Bears x