Bakewell Tart Traybake

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Well you budding baking bears it’s that time again to update my blog, it’s been a bit longer since my last post as I’ve been quite busy with cake decorating. To start with thanks to Geoff as he did make the chocolate and banana scones, and I believe they were a success at the day out to the mining museum. So this time I’ve come up with a Bakewell Tart Traybake. It’s a relatively easy recipe and really tasty and enjoyed by all. It would be nice if more of you gorgeous bears would give this a try, or I’m gonna be forced to come and do a baking session for you all. So here goes.


4 tbsp Raspberry Jam
Flaked Almonds, for sprinkling (optional)

6oz Plain Flour
3oz Butter, diced

4oz of Margarine
4oz Caster Sugar
6oz Self – Raising Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
2 Eggs
2 tbsp milk
1/2 tsp Almond Essence.


Pre heat your oven to 180°c/350°f of gas mark 4. Make the pastry by rubbing the butter and flour together until it resembles a breadcrumb texture as in the first photograph below.  Add two or three tablespoons of water and bind to a dough as in photograph 2.  Then roll the pastry out on a lightly-floured surface and line a 12×9 inch tin with grease-proof paper as in photograph 3.

Spread the jam evenly over the pastry.  Set this to one side or in the fridge whilst you make the cake mix. To make the cake mix put all the ingredients into a mixing bowl (I use a electric mixer mainly cause I’m idle). Mix it all together until it’s smooth and creamy. Spoon the ingredient over the jam.

Sprinkle the flaked almonds over the top if desired, if not then the almonds are not a must. Bake in the oven for around 25 minutes or until the cake has shrunk away from the sides of the tin slightly, as in the first photo below.  Leave to cool in the tin completely then cut into squares or slices. Lift out and place onto a plate.

Hope you little hungry bears try this. Sit back with a cuppa and enjoy, or have a few bear friends round for a little coffee morning and impress them with your baking skills. Hope you all enjoy and I will see you soon x

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