2016 Discount Cards and Limited Edition T-Shirts

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We’re pleased to announce that the Yorkshire Bears 2016 Discount Cards are now on sale from the online shop, with free postage, so if you’re planning on attending our Valentine’s Ball, or any of our other club nights this year, and you like a cheap pint or two, then click on the link and get yourself one of the cards.  …

Stark Barks and Wessie Stunners….

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I’ve been a bit remiss with my gardening blogs of late. Too busy motorbiking around the Alps and managing work commitments. Anyway, the garden did its thing this summer, I enjoyed it and I hope you took the time to enjoy yours too! The big stuff I wanted to grow is still quite small, it’s only year one after all. ...

The Bears Survive

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On Saturday 19th September, the Yorkshire Bears ventured off the beaten track to deepest, darkest Pontefract for a day of survival training with bushcraft expert Steve. He spotted early on that our group are unlikely to turn down food or drink of any description, and he promised us a woodland-inspired feast, starting with a demonstration of water filtration techniques. Now, ...

Yorkshire Bears Charity Pride Raffle

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A massive thank you for helping to raise a fantastic £310 in the raffle! That’s an amazing amount for our chosen charities and we’re really chuffed that you have supported us in such a grand way – Well done everyone.  Here’s the list of winning tickets, and at the time of writing there’s still five prizes unclaimed, including the leather …

Leeds Pride Weekender Promo Film – Get Involved!

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Fancy being a star of the silver screen/grubby computer monitor?  We're filming the promo video for our Yorkshire Bears Leeds Pride Big Weekender, and we'd love to you come down and get involved.  It's taking place on Saturday 11 June in a secret central Leeds location from 5.30pm-7pm, so perfect timing if you're coming down to John and Colin's Big ...

2016 Calendar – Our Model Search Begins!

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Plans are now underway for the Yorkshire Bears 2016 Calendar, and we’re scouting for models. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a chiselled Bear God or if you have a face like a bucket of smashed arseholes, The Yorkshire Bears are going to make sure your inner beauty shines through.

Simply the Vest!

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As temperatures soar into sweltering double figures, the Yorkshire Bears are at hand with our new range of vests to keep you looking and feeling cool all summer long. We’ve got five smart colour combinations …

Yorkshire Bears Spring/Summer Collection

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Just how are you going to cope now you've stuffed all your finest Dolce & Gabbana into the nearest wheelie bin in protest at their anti-gay comments?  What on earth are you going to wear as you roll around the floor in the bear bars on holiday this year? You just didn't think this through properly, did you? Thank god ...

Yorkshire Bears visit Brut, London

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F ive Yorkshire Bears went travelling down to London last weekend. Chris and I were stripping off for photo shoots with Bob Workman and Bear Flavoured but the main reason was to sample a new once a month club night for bears - Brut -  close to Cannon Street Station. Early bird tickets can be purchased at £10 (normal price ...

Party Theme Revealed!

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The wait is over, and we can now announce the theme for Geoff’s 50th Birthday: we’re throwing a huge Pirate Party, with an underwear contest thrown in for good measure, hosted by the fabulous Miss Sordid Secret, with loads more surprises planned for the night! So dig out an

Cheque Presentation!

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The Yorkshire Bears had a brilliant time last night at the offices of Yorkshire Mesmac with one of our regular condom-packing nights for the Leeds-based sexual health organisation.

As part of the group’s commitment to support and raise funds for local and national charities we also held a joint cheque presentation to hand over the monies raised from the sales of our 2015 Calendar to Yorkshire Mesmac and Prostate Cancer UK.

Furry Dice – Starter Classics Part 2

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Welcome to this month's column, which continues last month's theme by looking at four more suggestions for starter classics. This month it's a couple of modern classics; an executive range from Germany and a sleek coupé from France; along with a British grand tourer that is now better respected than when it was new and possibly the best known of ...

Five Advantages Having a Beard Brings

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Beards are great right? I think we all agree. I think we also agree that everyone, and everything can be improved with the addition of a fancy goatee. But, what if I were to tell you that there are actual scientific and psychological reasons as to why you may want to hold on to that face fuzz! My God, actual reasons!

The Grizzly Gardener: A Furtile Imagination

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Okay, Geoff has badgered me enough to do this, so here goes. I like to garden and to grow plants, I have a 40m2 southwest facing garden in Pocklington, and right now it looks a little bit barren and empty. That’s because most things are either in pots in the house, garage or conservatory or have been chopped to ground ...

Yorkshire Bears End of Year Survey

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Well what a year that was, we had a fantastic 2014 with the group going from strength to strength, and that’s all thanks to you, the Yorkshire Bears members.  We’re currently in the process of planning events for the coming year, and we’d be grateful if you could spend five minutes filling in our online survey, to let us know …

Yorkshire Bears Discount Card

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Happy New Year! The last thing on your mind this morning as you roll around your bed moaning ‘never again’ is more beer.   But trust us, at some point in the next few days you’re probably going to fancy a pint, so if you’re based in or around Leeds or visit regularly then take a look at our new Yorkshire …

Furry Dice – Starter Classics

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Following last month's column, over the next few months we'll look at a few suggestions for starter classics - some obvious choices and some that might surprise.     Mini (1959 to 2000) Launched in 1959 badged as either Austin 7 or Morris Mini Minor, the Mini is a definite contender for the car of the 20th century, Rewriting the ...

National HIV Testing Week

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The Yorkshire Bears, renowned for their wild all-night parties are not afraid to face their social duties head on too. A number of our members helped Yorkshire Mesmac and the Terence Higgins Trust (THT) during the National HIV Testing Week to help raise awareness HIV and people’s HIV status.