2016 Calendar – Our Model Search Begins!

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Plans are now underway for the Yorkshire Bears 2016 Calendar, and we’re scouting for models. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a chiselled Bear God or if you have a face like a bucket of smashed arseholes, The Yorkshire Bears are going to make sure your inner beauty shines through.

Simply the Vest!

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As temperatures soar into sweltering double figures, the Yorkshire Bears are at hand with our new range of vests to keep you looking and feeling cool all summer long. We’ve got five smart colour combinations …

Yorkshire Bears Spring/Summer Collection

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Just how are you going to cope now you've stuffed all your finest Dolce & Gabbana into the nearest wheelie bin in protest at their anti-gay comments?  What on earth are you going to wear as you roll around the floor in the bear bars on holiday this year? You just didn't think this through properly, did you? Thank god ...

Five Advantages Having a Beard Brings

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Beards are great right? I think we all agree. I think we also agree that everyone, and everything can be improved with the addition of a fancy goatee. But, what if I were to tell you that there are actual scientific and psychological reasons as to why you may want to hold on to that face fuzz! My God, actual reasons!

Grizzly Gifts

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Grizzly Gifts started in 2012 as a vague idea in my head that there might be a market for selling bear themed mugs. I saw lots of people selling T-shirts, but no-one really seemed to be aiming many other products at the bears. I wanted to do something that was by a bear, for bears. My first design was a …

How To Train Your Pet Beard

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I've had a beard for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was old enough to desperately cling to the teen tash and scrappy goat hairs that sprung from my otherwise rotund childish face. The voracity of my testosterone (or desperation) was such that for a while, I was the only pupil in high school rocking facial hair. ...

Pre-Pride T-Shirt Sale!

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If you haven’t already got your Yorkshire Bears T-shirt, (or you want to mix things up a bit with a second colour) then why not take advantage of our pre-Pride sale? All shirts are now available at the reduced price of £12.95 (plus p&p), until Monday 4 August.

All By Myself

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A few weeks ago I planned a trip to the cinema to go see Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘The Wind Rises’. As a long time Studio Ghibli fan I was saddened to hear that this was Miyazaki’s final film before his planned retirement and thought it was fitting that I should go see at least one of his films on the big screen before he stepped down as a director …

T-Shirt Range Expands

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Yorkshire Bears come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re very pleased to announce that, due to popular demand, we have now made a limited number of ‘small’ sized T-shirts available, just one in each variation, to compliment the rest of our range. We’ve been blown away with the number of …

A Disabled Fable

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Hello….erm testing, is this on? It is? Excellent! Right, well I’m Gary, some of you may have seen me around the group, and some of the few local events I have attended, if not *doffs cap* I want to start by telling you all a little bit about …