Five Advantages Having a Beard Brings

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photodune-2902466-man-with-beard-xs2Beards are great right? I think we all agree. I think we also agree that everyone, and everything can be improved with the addition of a fancy goatee. But, what if I were to tell you that there are actual scientific and psychological reasons as to why you may want to hold on to that face fuzz! My God, actual reasons!

1. Having a Beard Will Keep You Cool.

Contrary to popular belief, having a beard does not make your face so hot in the summer, that it would cause even the most regular of Finnish Sauna goers to beg for mercy. In fact the opposite is true, especially for longer beards. Beard hair traps moisture, as such if you were to wander outside on warm day, with a damp beard. The cooling sensation of the breeze running through your wet beard, and evaporating the water would actually keep your skin cool. However, longer beards also add to this with the advantage of the beard hair covering several large and vital blood vessels in the neck, thus, granting shade and shelter from the sun-keeping you cooler still.

2. Having a Beard Makes You Recognisable

Granted, this might not be an advantage if you were an undercover agent, or in witness protection. But, when interviewing for a job, or such a scenario. There is evidence to suggest that having a well maintained, trimmed beard will give you an air of authority and experience, all the while hopefully giving you the extra edge you need to be remembered at the end of the day. Of course, if you are in a room full of bearded men, then perhaps the opposite is true.

3. Having a Beard Will Make You Younger

I admit, that headline is a little bit of a click-bait headline. But, it is somewhat true. Skin ages through its contact with UV and sunlight. As such, a well bearded face will guard the skin from the aging process, causing it to age slower. Therefore, if you have ever heard a bearded fellow complain that he looks like a child without one, this might be why.

4. Having a Beard Can Be Good For Your Health

Hair in your beard can, and will trap allergens such as dust or pollen and reduce any distress they may cause. It has even been known for beards to ease asthma like symptoms! It is also possible for your beard to keep you warm in winter days, much in the same it keeps you cool in the summer. However, now instead of providing shelter to the blood vessels in your face and neck, your beard hair will act like a blanket.

5. Having a Beard Will Make You Appear More Masculine

In the Western world, where the emancipation of men seems to be slowly becoming a new sport, having a beard could help you claim your masculinity back. The perception of ones masculinity grows with the length of the beard. Fancy that, a symbol of masculinity that you get to determine the length of all by yourself. So rejoice, and throw away that razor!



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