Five things Godzilla can teach us about being human . . . (yeah really)

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gzOk, so we all have those moments where we feel like we’ve lost our way, like we have no purpose and aren’t quite sure where we fit in, in this 7.46 billion piece puzzle. So what do we do about it? Do we sit down and cry into a bucket of ice cream large enough to fit our head in, actually that’s tempting. But, no we don’t do that! Do we lay in bed all day, and sleep? Ok….also tempting, but no we don’t do that either. Do we sit and read, or listen to music and escape the world in our own imaginary people? Darn it, this is not a good start, also tempting!


Ok, this is not a good start! Right point is, ok, we do those things, but for this convoluted intro to work, please just for a second imagine you don’t, just for one moment (and then consequently the rest of this blog post) imagine you do what everyone really knows they should do and look to a giant (sometimes) angry, nuclear powered Japanese lizard to show you the way, all hail the most deft educator we have ever produced, ALL HAIL GODZILLIA!…..ahem

5. Teamwork, Teamwork, Teamwork.

Most Kaiju films predictably involve a literal Monster Mash, giant Monsters wailing on each other, over a nonsensical plot, that’s badly scripted, shot, and with questionable effects, basically, imagine a good version of a Michael Bay film, and that’s Kaiju. Inevitably these films would often become a giant circle jerk with nods to other Monster films as their titular monster makes an impactful if albeit brief appearance. Often as this play unfolds the odds build up against our plucky hero, Godzilla until it looks all but impossible that he could possibly triumph. However, just when the bad guys look to win Godzilla’s friends often appear, answering a classical call of the wild, and tag one another in creating a spectacle reminiscent of a 1980s wrestling match until the foe(s) are beaten, and sent limping back from whence they came.

4. Always Take Care Of Those You Love

Totally swerved you there! You weren’t expecting something genuinely sentimental in this piece were you? Well its simple Godzilla is soon granted a Son, as chronicled by “Son of Godzillia” and many other films where he makes minor appearances. However, in those minor apparences, he is never far from Daddy Godzilla, and looks to be having the best time he could, no doubt creating those all-important Father-son moments, that will help nurture Child-Zilla into a well-adjusted member of Monster-land. Daddy Godzilla always takes full responsibility of his duty of care, never leaving him in the hands of the drunken friend who means well, but is having a bad time, if only he could get back on his feet. Nor does he leave him with the neurotic 40 something, never-had-kids self-styled embodiment of Motherly-Perfection. Nor does he leave him with the decrepit Grandparent, who is blind, forgets the child’s name, and is followed around by the permanent musk of urine. Godzilla handles his business.

3. Quit Moaning, Do The Thing.

No problem, or monster is too big for Godzilla, and it should be the same for you! Godzilla, doesn’t have a bitchfest before each monster, spewing forth a plethora of excuses, or reasons why it is unfair. Godzilla has no time to comprehend such things. Instead, Godzilla spews forth his nuclear breath, and tackles (sometimes literally) the problem head on, with no moaning, and all the purpose of a being defined by itself. When things appear to be in the way of what you want, just ask yourself, “What would Godzilla do?

2. Don’t let the little things get you down

Be it puny humans, being crushed underfoot, or the rather annoying matchstick buildings which seem specifically designed to explode on impact with Godzilla. Or the cheap RC looking Tanks that collective National Defences, seem to have designated to being “Godzilla Defence.” Godzilla lets nothing stand in his way, he lets none of the small things, as numerous as they are, get him down, he is Godzilla, and Godzilla triumphs. So, next time, you should be Godzilla, forget about your bill, or your friends’ petty grievances, or how society looks at you, take those problems, build them into a tiny matchstick building, and then blow it up as you charge triumphantly through it into the glorious sunset of your life!

1. Smile!

When you’re a giant lizard monster, you have to enjoy your work, because let’s face it there’s probably not many job opportunities available for a being that can crush most buildings to death without really noticing them in the first place. Although I think it is safe to say from his roars of “joy” and the pearly white smile Godzilla often flashes (along with his minty fresh “nuclear” breath) that he enjoys his work! So please, let that be a lesson to you, if you’re not enjoying it, it probably isn’t the path you should be treading with your mighty claws, leave that path for someone else, and mark another as your own. You are your own terrifying monster of various distinction, do not let anyone else try to direct you, especially Roland Emmerich.



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