The Yorkshire Bears Team

Geoff | Admin

I started the group in 2011 as I felt Yorkshire was lacking something for the bear community. I’ve been active on the bear scene for twenty years and was Mr Bear UK 1994. When I started the Yorkshire Bears, I wanted to create a social club where like-minded guys could get together with their mates and have a great time, whether on a night out or at a daytime social event. Today, that value still remains at the core of what we’re about.

Paul | Admin

I became involved with The Yorkshire Bears 2 years ago. I was late out and looking to meet guys who were around my age. I like the inclusive nature of the YBs and would encourage attending one of the events to get to know some of the many great guys that are part of the group. I hope that  I can help arrange some more great events and would ask you to let us know about that kind of things you enjoy so that we can cater to everyone’s tastes.

Colin| Admin

Having only recently come out, I moved to Leeds from my native Somerset, where I was actively involved in the Somerset Carnivals (a must see) and involved in naturism. Initially a shy member of the group (despite the photos and videos) I have made some great friends (with the help of my partner John) and attended some fantastic events. So come on all your shy and quiet ones out there, attend an event it could change your life!

Andrew | Web and Video

I recently moved back up north after two decades sunning myself on the South Coast. I work as a media analyst, which contrary to popular belief does not involve me sitting on a sofa all day watching television and eating Pringles – I much prefer a nice bag of Quavers. I’m the webmaster, which I suppose makes you my webslave. My hobbies include modernism, moonwalking and screamcore.